On my Soulplace I have created a space that invites you to rediscover yourself, to experience new strength and joy and gives you new experiences and tools on your way.

There are various areas of experience, for example ...

  • Soulplace Retreat: Spend time in my Soulplace Retreat in a very personal energy. Your physical well being is being taken care of (sleeping and eating). Spend the day with me, to discover yourself in a new way and take home with you. (Read more about it here ...)
  • The George & Rosie Experience: My horses and I can guide you through  a rare experience. Meet my horses and see for yourself how easy it is to change your own energy and instantly have a new experience. (Read more about it here ...)
  • Soul Sessions: A personal consultation with me, in which we can change your personal focus and energy in a very conscious way to achieve a different outcome in your life (Read more about it here ...)
  • Workshops: I always offer workshops that are bringing new awarenesses to you to and provide you with tools at your disposal that allows you to create new approaches in your life (Read more about it here ... )

Feel attracted, but you do not really know what could be for you, just contact me.



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