Sword in stoneDo you truly feel empowered? Or do you feel more and more that the balance is not quite there? That you are contributing more than your fair share?

Do you feel that you are the one that picks up the slack and provides the basis for others to thrive on?

Do you feel something eating away within you? Do you to feel empty and tired at times? 

Do you feel anger and resentment towards your life, yourself and others?

Do you experience a feeling of being trapped and stuck in your job, your relationships and within yourself?

More often than not all areas of your life are somehow affected. 

This workshop reveals the energy of the sword in the stone and how this magic can be applied in to your life.

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A workshop that can change your life

Would you like to have some simple tools to help you master situations that you think you have no control over, like:

  •  stressful, overwhelming situations
  •  feeling at the mercy of others
  •  feeling stuck or trapped

In this workshop you will experience how these tools quickly and easily make a difference in how you interact with the world around you.

These tools are so easy to learn, you’ll be able to use them straight away. 

Using these tools and new found understanding of yourself will help you achieve & maintain a new level of energy and joy.


SESInter-Personal Relationships Clarified
Shifting Psychic & Physical Abuse

There is no-one who has not had some experience with abuse of any kind. There is not a human on earth who has not been touched by external and/or internal abuse of some kind.

Tobias talks about the ‘Sexual Energy Virus’, as an energetic virus.  How it influences our daily life, how it came into existence and how we can free ourselves from it.

It shows itself through power games like physical, psychic and/or sexual abuse, control and manipulation and it’s called ‘energy stealing’.  It causes drama, exhaustion, fear, doubt, addiction, guilt and shame.

In one form or another, it’s present in each persons life until we’ve had enough, are fed up with it and choose for something else.  The key is self-love and self-appreciation and bringing our masculine and feminine aspects back into balance, being our creative and manifesting forces.



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