The George & Rosie Experience

AUD95.00 each

My horses are wonderful facilitators, helping you look at issues within yourself and offering new solutions. 

In a loving way they reveal your unconcious energies and how these energies influence your environment. As the facilitator, I will help you to use this information to bring on change. You will immediately see the 'new' reflected through the horses. Hence you have an instant experience  to take with you to master your life in a new way.

I offer this session called "The George & Rosie Experience" to anybody who would like to try a new way to unlock new territory within themselves.

GeorgeThis is George. He is an intelligent and sensitive horse who has the talent to reflect to people their own strength and helps bring this out.

He demands of people to find clarity within themselves and express it.


Rosie, my sunshine. She has an enormous strength and knows about the wounds of people.

She connects people with their sensitivity and shows them how to be seen.

She touches you deeply and lets your heart melt. 

This session and the "Soul Session" are part of the "Soulplace Retreat" experience. You will find more information about the energies between human and horses on my website

Please book at the top of this page. As soon as your payment has arrived, I will contact you for a mutual beneficial time to do your session. Of course, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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