I instantly loved Petra's home, it lies in the middle of pure nature. I slept in every day, stood up enjoyed my breakfast on the veranda and went back to bed for my nap, most of my days continued like this. Nurture myself with some good food and good conversation and then lie in bed read and have a second nap. Often we sat on the shady veranda with an ice coffee and talked for hours. I hope that many people will find their way to Petra's place and to upgrade their lives and souls. 

Beyond the Pain Workshop - I received benefit from all of it, it flowed well and I liked having the "experience" of the exercises of what was going on for me. It brought to my realisation more of how I operate in this world.

Thank you Petra for an amazing day (Beyond the Pain - Workshop).  Your program was so well put together to create a most loving, empowering and safe space to experientially learn inner tools to master the inner emotional states that sabotage our joy, happiness and courage to step forward to living a fulfilling life. Your exercise with the rose was so powerful to how to hold one's inner focus and the space of self empowerment for choice to exist when dealing with the outside world and the energy of others. Today I learnt tools I can easily use every day because they felt so natural. I recommend this program whole heartedly to anyone whose enjoyment of life is clouded by the pain of existence.

This workshop day "Beyond the Pain" with Petra was exciting, informative and transformative. The concepts and techniques were presented in a clear manner and we were taken through the techniques in a safe and caring way.

Petra is open hearted and very wise, she listens and guides with immense wisdom. Her presence is warm, inviting and always allowing for more abundance and empowerment in for herself, her horses and all the friends and clients invited into her world. Steadfast in her approach. 
Always inspiring !!

Petra creates such a wonderful open heart and healing space that allows wounds to be softened and embraced and for new understanding and wholeness to come in in those places within.

If you come here, you can simply let go of all the depressing and stressing energies.

People who stayed with Petra come back with a feeling of well being and happiness under their skin. They feel that all was well the way it was and that things they did not like about themselves, they can look at them in a loving and understanding way, allow them and integrate them.

They no longer feel ashamed for it. After staying with Petra they radiate and feel good, just the way they are. They now understand that everything was important in the process, how it is and for their future. They become wiser and know now better how to direct their life. The people are stronger and they appear greater in body, soul and spirit. They are ankered within the earth and one with heaven !!

Breathing, feeling safe, arriving within yourself, this is beautiful. This is a world you hardly find.



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